Director of Operations

Shrewsbury, New Jersey, United States | Operations | Full-time | Fully remote



Title: Director of Operations

Reports to: Chief Business Development Officer

Department:  Operations

Salary Range: $73,000 - $81,000

Location: Flexible, US-based applicants only


Position Summary 

This position serves as an essential part of the leadership team, which not only drives the business operations of iPEC but also contributes to the overall energy and formulation of strategies, plans, and innovations that will serve to propel the company’s agenda towards excellence and expansion. 


The Director of Operations will work closely with the Chief Business Development Officer to create and implement plans based on strategies and company initiatives.  The Director of Operations also provides leadership across functional departments specific to operational initiatives.  


The primary focus of this role is to oversee the function and direction of the Operations Department regarding efficiency, continual upgrade of process, client retention, and operational excellence. They will ensure a smooth delivery of the iPEC experience across all divisions and ensure this experience will  impact the lifetime value of our customers.  Additionally, the Director of Operations takes ownership of the development and upgrading of the iPEC Student HUB, ensures daily process adherence within each division of the Operation department, and monitors the “one-voice” response and timely resolution of all service representatives across all support functions and departments. 


The Director of Operations works with cross-functional departments across the organization throughout the client journey.  The goal of the role is to ensure our students, graduates, community members, and teams internal to iPEC are working in full, seamless coordination.  


This role requires a high level of discernment, self-leadership, and the ability to coach for performance while:

  • Identifying and understanding issues, challenges, and opportunities within the Operations department and where other departments have crossover
  • Understanding challenges, identifying and capitalizing on opportunities while effectively navigating frequent changes, delays, or unexpected events while maintaining an anabolic energetic contribution
  • Leading the Operations team to work cohesively to resolve challenges or unexpected outcomes
  • Creating, directing, and efficiently delegating  parts of complex projects to the Operations Coordinator
  • Coaching Student Support staff to grow in challenging conversations with students 
  • Holding abundant appreciation for teamwork and collaboration with all team members across all departments
  • Exemplifying motivational leadership that inspires and draws the best out of each team member with which they collaborate



  • Lead both team member (Operational, Logistical, Compliance and Student Support) and independent contractor (Success Coach) teams to provide seamless delivery of programs/products and ticket support responses.
  • Strategize & implement continually evolving infrastructure by addressing opportunities for systems enhancements, process improvements, and procedural efficiencies for the overall operations of the company. 
  • Monitor data, dashboards, and survey results for improved outcomes and circular revenue generation
  • Institute cross-training to mitigate all single points of failure
  • Initiate cost reduction and increase efficiency regarding hard goods and digital delivery via Logistics and Technology departments
  • Coordinate with the Technology, Curriculum, and Compliance Departments to implement changes and updates in a timely fashion that respects the business needs of the company and cross-functional departments, which includes:
    • Developing and monitoring ELI Assessment upgrades and ADA policy, as needed, to match DEI initiatives
    • Updating all CTP, LPT, and Guest templates to reflect Hub and Assessment updates
    • Ensuring proper functioning  of Credly Digital badging platform as related to the student experience
    • Driving ongoing improvement and updating of the ticketing system 
    • Monitoring trends regarding student experience data for CTP and client experience data for Conscious Organizations
    • Proactively overseeing process development to raise CES, CSTAT, and NPS scores
    • Implementing a plan to automate manual processing where applicable
    • Completing a student interface for ordering content material and market items
  • Project manage:
    • Asana projects relating to Operations to ensure efficiency and deliverability
    • Chat upgrade and implementation into the student experience
    • The delivery of graduate course offerings within a seamless platform for both iPEC and non iPEC Coaches
    • Retiring of the current Hub and the transition to a new Learning Management platform
  • Securely safeguard confidential information and communications 
  • Accept other responsibilities as assigned

Education, Certification & Experience:

  • College degree preferred
  • Relevant customer service experience
  • Call center experience is preferred
  • Classroom/Teaching experience a plus

Technical Requirements:

  • Proficient in relevant computer applications (Hubspot, Netsuite, Excel, Word, Infusionsoft, Google platforms) 
  • Knowledge of Call Center telephony and technology a plus
  • Excellent data entry/keyboard skills. 
  • Strong Writing Skills and ability to clearly communicate information in a digestible manner 
  • CPC, ELI-MP preferred


Core Competencies: 

  • Coaching
  • Phone skills
  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Relationship Building
  • Attention to Detail
  • Confident
  • Patience
  • High Organizational Skills
  • Strives for continuous improvement and seeks self-development
  • Takes responsibility and accountability for self
  • Proven track record of leading others and maintaining excellence in independent tasks with little oversight


Probationary Period: 90 Days


Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

 It is iPEC’s mission to raise the consciousness of the world, one person at a time. Through our talent, we believe that diversity and inclusion make us a more innovative and vibrant place to work with our mission in mind. To learn more about iPEC’s commitment, please click here: